Best Car Mobile Holder & Phone Mount in India

Testing for Best Car Mobile Holder on Indian Roads

The initial step was to decide on a mounting type from the three present alternatives of Car mobile holders : windshield/dashboard, air vent, or CD slot car mobile holder.

Mystical Master CarMobile Holder

Mystical Master Car Mobile Holder

We ruled out air vent and CD slot car mobile holders for few reasons. First they create obstruction in the view of panel and cause difficulty in using the controls of the audio panel. Mounting phone on air vent may cause your phone to heat up when you are using the blower at higher temperatures. Plus they can damage the audio video panel or cd slot of the car.

Air vent & CD slot car mobile holders & mounts  cause more vibrations and are unstable as compared to dashboard and windshield car mobile holders. They also cause obstruction to the panel which many users find uncomfortable.

Because of these (critical) drawbacks, we propose air vent or cd slot car mobile holders only for people who totally can’t use dashboard mobile holder due to some specific reasons. Dashboard Car  mobile holders & phone mounts have sticky gel pad with powerful suction mechanism that holds the surface very firmly and mobile phone holding portion holds the Smartphone very well.

We like dashboard or windshield car mobile holders a lot, as they’re compact and simple to use without making any harm the vehicle.

Moreover, the heaviness of today’s inexorably bigger telephones makes a mount’s solidness particularly critical, and relying upon the vehicle, the mount, and the telephone, you need very good quality and strong car mobile holder to hold phone properly.

Dashboard car mobile holding and mounts, are used the most frequently by our survey respondents and our research, survey results, and hands-on experience led us to conclude that dashboard mounting option is actually the best choice for most people.

Dashboard car mobile holder does not cause any obstruction to audio panel and holds the phone very firmly. Dashboard mounts all work similarly: Rubberized sticky gel pad with suction cup for dashboard, you just press lever down to activate the suction mechanism. And we do mean securely: If properly installed, we found the dashboard car mobile holder to be as secure as—and often more secure than—any other type.

Magnetic mounts, Cd mounts, air vent mounts are not suitable for most of cars. In some cars, the mounted phone may block climate controls or a touch screen, for example. So overall, we feel confident recommending a dashboard car phone mount as a great choice for most people.

Once we came to that conclusion, we considered the best method for holding the phone itself. This is a simpler choice, as phone holders tend to be one of two types: tension-grip car mobile holders & cradles that physically grip the device or magnets. Given that ease of insertion/attachment and removal, and that easy re-positioning ranked high on our list of criteria, we came to the conclusion that One Touch tension-grip phone cradles are best for most people. In magnetic car mobile holders phone often falls due to bumpy Indian roads or even if it does not falls it turns down due to weight of phone.

We suspect most people haven’t used a magnetic car mobile holder or phone mount mobile holder, so you may be wondering how they work. Most models include a selection of thin, metal plates. Often, one has adhesive and is designed to stick to the back of your phone or case, while another is intended to slip between the back of your phone and its case—you use whichever you prefer.

Once installed, the plate allows you to simply raise the phone near the mount to join the two magnetically.  But the problem is that you have to attach a metal plate to your phone or place it under the back cover, which looks ugly and we did not like idea of attaching something to the mobile. Secondly your phone falls frequently on bumpy roads.

Our testing finalists

With all that decided, we conducted hands-on (and, of course, in-car) testing of magnetic air vent mounts, magnetic dashboard mounts, and mechanical dashboard/windshield. We installed each mount in a Honda city and Maruti swift cars, evaluating ease of placement, stability, and usability.

Any mounts that were particularly difficult to install, didn’t hold the phone properly or securely, made repositioning the phone’s angle or orientation difficult, or required multiple hands to place and remove the phone were eliminated, and we picked our favourites from those that remained. We drove in various cities from Amritsar to Chandigarh, approximately 500 Kms

The best Smartphone car mount for most people is Comfort Touch Car Phone Holder by Mystical Master. It’s simple, compact in size, reasonably priced, and handing is very effective, and it worked with each telephone and pretty much every phone with case we used with it, including the biggest handsets—its design generally rules out any room for failure. The dashboard mount style is easy & simple to use in any car.

Mystical Master Car Mobile Holder in place

Physically, the Mystical Master Car Mobile Holder is robust than any other dashboard mount we tested. It measures about 6.6 inches from front to back and is about 3.25 inches tall, width is only 3 inches. It weighs only 222 grams. Diameter of suction cup is 2.5 inches.

Mobile Phone Holder & Stand for Car by Mystical Master

Mobile Phone Holder & Stand for Car by Mystical Master

There are two main components to the mount: the base for hold on dashboard and the mobile phone holding portion. The plastic base is actually used by a number of the other models we tested; there is suction cup at the base with very sticky gel pad.  Suction system works very well; you just keep that sticky gel pad on surface firmly and press the lever down. If the dashboard is textured press it twice so that dual lock mechanism is activated and holds the surface firmly.

Dashboard portion has extension arm which ends in ball joint which has to be fitted in socket of phone holding portion. Thanks to the ball joint, the phone holding part can be positioned across a wide range of angles as well as rotated 360 degrees.

Mobile holding part of Comfort touch car phone holder by Mystical Master has two arms to hold your phone firmly, it also has base arm to support your phone from lower portion. Base arm can be extended if your phone is very large in size and it can also be moved side to side so that charging port is not blocked and you can charge your phone while in mobile holder

The Comfort touch by Mystical Master on an iPhone 7 Plus, installed inside protective case.

We tested the Comfort touch by Mystical Master on an iPhone 7 Plus. Our main test phone was an iPhone 7 Plus, and its large size helped demonstrate the strength of the hold by the phone holder.  iPhone 7 plus fits firmly in the phone holding portion of this car mount. The setup worked with the phone in portrait or landscape orientation, and even diagonally.

One of the main reasons we like this style of holder, and particularly the by Mystical Master, is its placement in the car. The dashboard placement offers most comfortable viewing angle because of position where people are used to looking while driving anyway—not too low, not too high, and safer than other mounts which can partially obscure your view of the audio panel.

Dashboard car mounts offer a natural viewing position.Another positive thing about comfort touch car phone holder is that it will not cause any damage to the phone which is common in magnetic car mobile holders. A magnet could conceivably throw off the phone’s internal compass, turn-by-turn directions and all other navigation functions work as expected.  

 “My immediate thought about the Comfort Touch Car Phone Holder was that I liked the simplicity of being able to mount and unmount my phone with one hand with One Comfort Touch mechansin”

“But after four days on the road, the convenience of the Mystical Master Mobile Phone Holder for car was overwhelming. The firmness of hold and ability to extend the arm of mobile holder to place phone closer to you beat all the other models I tested.

Long-term test notes for Mystical Master Car Mobile Holder

Multiple staffers have each used the Comfort touch Car Phone Mount for more than six months of almost daily use, and it’s still our favorite Smartphone car mount and mobile holder. The sticky gel pad has retained their strength and has worked successfully number of mobile phones we have tested.  This mount has become the kind of thing we couldn’t imagine living without. Overall, we’re still very happy with the Mystical Master car phone mount, and it remains our top pick.


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