Best Car Mobile Holder for AC vent
Mystical Master Digibot Mobile Phone Holder for Car AC Vent

Best Car Mobile Holder for AC vent

Mystical Master Digibot Mobile Phone Holder for Car AC Vent
Mystical Master Digibot Mobile Phone Holder for Car AC Vent

Mystical Master Digibot Mobile Phone Holder for Car AC Vent:

Mystical Master Digibot Mobile Phone Holder for Car AC Vent 

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[Quick Release Button] Press button on back of mobile holder for car to slide open and then take out mobile phone from mobile phone holder for car.

[360 Degree Rotation] The fully 360-degree rotation in car holder for mobile 360 provides you with the best viewing angle.

60 Degree Rotation The fully 360-degree rotation in car holder for mobile 360 provides you with the best viewing angle

[Broad Compatibility] Passed a wide range of tests, fit for most cell phones, Apple iPhone 7 7 Plus iPhone 6s Plus, 6s, 5s, 5c , Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC,LG, Nexus, Nokia, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi Redmi, POCO, Asus, Realme, Huawei, Lenovo (Motorola), LG, Nokia, HTC, GPS Device.

Single-handed Operation] Simple installation and removal of smart phones in this stylish mobile holder for car.

[Single-handed Operation] Simple installation and removal of smart phones in this stylish mobile holder for car.

Mystical Master Digibot Mobile Phone Holder for Car AC Vent

Eye Level Safe Viewing AC Vent Mobile Holder

Eye Level Safe Viewing AC Vent Mobile Holder: Keep your windshield clear of obstructions with this mount. Create a safe, eye level viewing of your device while mounted with Mystical Master car mobile holders for dashboard and air vent.

Installation Instructions for Universal Mobile Holder for Car air vent

Installation Instructions for Universal Mobile Holder for Car air vent

1. Hold the car mount with your hands and unscrew the lock washer on the back. (Do not throw away this washer) Place circular ball on lever through lock washer.

2. Insert the ball into the slot in the back of the mount.

3. Tighten the lock washer back onto the mount.

4. The unit is now assembled.

5. Use the bi-directional lever to clamp the mount to your air vent. One way will be tighter than the other.

6. Adjust your mount to the desired position and you are ready to go!

7. Simply open the sides with the button on the back of the mount and place your cell phone or device in the mount and close the sides to secure it. Then use the quick release button on the back to remove your device.

The Universal Car Phone Mount Hold Your Phone Tightly and Securely

The Universal Car Phone Mount Hold Your Phone Tightly and Securely
  • Phone mount car mobile holder has anti-slip rubber pads, stable support shelf, firm & scratch-free claw offer secure grip for your cellphone to ensure safer driving
  • Easy to Mount: press car phone mount holder button on the back of this unit to slide open and put on your mobile phone, and then squeeze the arms on both sides to clamp mobile phone again with Mystical Master mobile stand for car.

Use for Horizontal or Vertical Vents

Use for Horizontal or Vertical Vents

This Stylish 360 degree car mount performs best on horizontal and vertical vents only. It is not advised to use this product on circular vents.

Review from Our Valuable Customer’s!!

Mystical Master Universal Mobile Phone Holder for Car Air or AC Vent on Dashboard

Well designed product with 18 months warranty

This is exact mobile holder I needed. I travel a lot and use the gps on my phone whenever I am going anywhere. Now a day’s there is a lot of traffic, and it really helps me by alerting me to the best route under current conditions. Mystical Master Air vent car phone holder helps me to use my phone’s gps without having to hold the phone. This is a good solution. Earlier I tried a holder that sits on the dash with a suction cup, but it just wouldn’t stick to my dash. It’s quick and easy to put the phone into this mobile holder for car air/ac vent, and the button release is nice and smooth, making it easy to remove as well. Also mobile holder has warranty for 18 months which is quite longer than other car mounts in market. Overall it’s a great product.

An amazing and reliable phone holder

This mobile phone holder is very nice. It holds onto the vent reasonably well, it’s easy to install and remove and it hold the phone securely from three sides. The bottom shelf is particularly nice and cushioned (my previous holder did not have one, and the phone would slip down and sometimes out of the holder). The opening and closing is very swift and does not damage the phone.

It replaces a phone holder that sticks to the windshield and dashboard. It was not good for my phones, which tend to overheat when used as GPS. Because this holder mounts on an air vent, it’s easy to keep the phone cool. It’s best mobile holder for car I have ever used and a must have accessory for your car.

Finally a Car Mobile Holder that works and worthy

After trying so many mobile holder for the car I ended up with this one. Mystical Master mobile holder is car air vent mobile holder that is super easy to use, sturdy and holds properly.
If you are looking for a car mobile holder you might want to try this one, it’s priced good, can accommodate big mobile, not tablets, it’s study and operation is easy to operate.
Here is my full review.

>> The shipping was quick and thanks to Amazon Prime shipping
>> The package was simple, it came in a simple box but the box came in another bigger carton with air-packs for safety.
>> The box says 6 month warranty + 3 month additional warranty on registering, it also says 18 month warranty. I have asked the seller for clarifying on the same and will update once i get a reply.

[UPDATE]: Checked with the seller and he said the warranty is 12 months and i can get additional 6 month warranty on registering the product on his website. So that’s a 18 month warranty.

>> I was hesitant to use a car vent holder as I thought it would block the cool air from AC, make my air vent loose and would come in the my way. But no it was better than I thought.
>> Mobile holder that sticks to the glass sometimes falls off if the glass gets heated or if the suction cups that sticks to the glass becomes loose or deforms its shape due to heat.
>> Clip type mobile holders are good and can be used on the dashboard but required 2 hands to remove and attach the mobile. Sometimes the clip feel too tight and I don’t like the tight grip on my phone fearing the damage it might cause the screen or phone body.
>> The AC air vent mobile holder has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the pros are better. There is no suction cups so no need to worry about suction cups deforming or getting loose. Though it blocks cool air from AC, we can fix it in such a way that it block only a small part of the vent. Check the video on how I fixed it on my Honda City air vents. I usually open the air vent a little bit so less air comes through the vent and other AC vents can use the extra air. Note this cool air also cools down the mobile and keeps the long running apps to perform much better as mobile never get heated.

>> The video will give you a better understanding.
>> Assembling this product is very simple. There is a knob attachment that attached to the back of the mobile holder by a screw tightener.
>> When you need to fix the mobile, the button on the back needs to be pressed and the holder opens like a robotic arm. Maybe this why it’s named as DigiBOT.
>> While driving if you need to fix or remove mobile, unlike other mobile holder which needs 2 hands, this Digibot is very easy to operate. Just a press of a button to release and a single handed press operation to tighten it in place.
>> There is also a slot at the bottom for inserting the charging cable.
>> ⚠️ Though it easy to handle even while driving, please do not handle anything other than driving and kindly refrain from talking or texting on mobile while driving. Please, I was unfortunate to see a bad accident happen in front of me due careless use of mobile and driving, but luckily the people on that car were safe.

>> Simple 1 button click to release the mobile from the charger, which moves the 2 arms in a smooth robotic fashion.
>> Simple one handed tightening operation to hold the mobile.
>> Rubberized back and arm for holding the mobile better. It provides friction and protection.
>> Tightening latch for holding the charger to the vent.
>> Light weight yet sturdy.
>> Fit all or horizontal or even some vertical air vents. Not for shaped circular air cent slits.

This Mystical Master car holder is good and worthy a shot. Price could have below Rs.500, would be better if Mystical Master can give some offers or reduce the price a bit. But with 12/18 month warranty, easy to operate function, study and good build, light weight and compact, it a worthy try. My unit came without any defects and is working without any issues. Not sure on the durability but using it for more than 3 weeks and it’s good as new. I use it when using the direction map on my LG V20 (78mm wide phone), it can holder a bigger mobile also.

Last but not the least, if you like my review and found it helpful, request you to hit the ‘HELPFUL’ button to help others looking at this product to make a wise purchase decision. Also appreciate if you can hit the ‘FOLLOW’ button on my profile (won’t get emails) which motivates me to do more such reviews.

Best Mobile holder 😀😀😀😀

This is a really great Mobile holder. The mechanism which is use in this holder is just amazing. It holds your phone very very securely. The base of the case is slightly padded soft, which gives a perfect base on your phone. I recommend attach your phone without any cover. You can easily use GPS at the time of driving. The most usefull part is this holder rotate 360 degree. Which is very convenient. There is a button at the back side of this holder. When you press it , the adjustable side grips are open, it accommodate your size device from 1.9 to 3.7 inch wide. At the time of opening your phone, also presss the back button, it’ll quickly remove your phone from Mount.

The position is very scientific because it maintain eye level safe viewing. This holder is only for Horizontal and vertical Vents. This is not for circular vents. You can easily charge your phone at the time of driving when your phone is mounted in this holder. In the buttom side of the holder there is enough space to insert your mobile charger. And the most helpful fact is your phone is mount in front of your ac. That’s why your phone will never became hot. You can enjoy these all facility with any heating issue.

You get 6month warranty and 15 month free product replacement insurance. You have to register your product on official website within 15 days of purchase.

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