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Selfie sticks are latest trend these days!

Selfie sticks are quite popular these days. Taking selfies with smartphones and cameras is trending through out world. Selfie sticks help you to take better selfies with your smartphones.

Selfie Stick online

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  • Taking selfies is very exciting.
  • Selfies are taken by everyone due to availability of smartphones.
  • Taking selfies with selfie sticks improves the quality of selfies.
  • Many poses have become popular specifically with selfies.
  • Posting selfies on Facebook shares it easily with our friends and family.

In recent study conducted it was found that people who take selfies are more happy than the people who do not take selfies, because taking selfies gives you chance to smile. When you are in group or want to take better selfies its recommended to take selfies with selfie sticks.

Various types of selfie sticks available in market

How to use selfie sticks depends on type of selfie stick you are using. There are two types of selfie sticks available in market.

  1. Bluetooth selfie sticks: Bluetooth selfie sticks are common these days. These selfie sticks function with Bluetooth connectivity with your phone. Bluetooth selfies sticks further are of two types – one with inbuilt remote button which is attaches on selfie stick and other with separate bluetooth remote.
  2. Wired selfie sticks: Wired selfie sticks have grown very popular due to its simplicity in use. There no need of any bluetooth connectivity, just plug in the selfie stick wire to headphone jack and start taking selfies.

Before purchasing selfie stick you must decide with kind of selfie stick you want to use. Both selfie sticks have their pros and cons. Bluetooth selfie stick have problems like connectivity and charging while wired selfie sticks have compatibility problem with some devices.

How to use selfie sticks with Bluetooth

Before taking selfies with bluetooth selfie stick check whether bluetooth remote functions properly. Power up your bluetooth shutter with batteries or by changing. Then pair your device with shutter.

  1. Switch on bluetooth shutter.
  2. Search the name of shutter and connect your smartphone with shutter.
  3. After you are connected with shutter open your smartphone camera app.
  4. You should be able to take photos by clicking bluetooth shutter button.

If you cannot take photos with above your steps then there is chance that your devices are not compatible. Try downloading camera apps like selfishop camera from play store and try taking photos with this camera app.

How to use selfie sticks with wire/aux cable

As mentioned earlier selfie sticks with wire or aux cable are becoming more popular due to their simplicity in use.

  1. Extend the phone holder of selfie stick and fit your phone in it.
  2. Now connect the wire of selfie stick in headphone jack of smartphone.
  3. Extend the selfie stick length.
  4. Click remote button on selfie stick to take photos.

If you face problem in taking photos with above steps, try downloading camera app from play store.

Common problems while using selfie sticks

Here are few common problems faced by users during taking selfies with selfie sticks.

  1. Selfie stick does not work: Some smartphones have compatibility issues with selfie sticks. Make sure from your smartphone is compatible with selfie sticks by calling customer care of smartphone manufacturer.
  2. Selfie stick does not take photos: Some devices are compatible but still you are not able to take pictures. Make sure you have appropriate settings in your device. Change volume button settings to ‘capture’ or ‘take pictures’ in your camera settings.
  3. Selfie stick does not work with redmi xiaomi phones: Redmi xiaomi phones need specific setting to work with wired selfie sticks. For MiUI 6 – Go to Camera Settings – Open Volume Button Function – Select Shutter. For MiUI 7 – Go to settings – Additional settings – Headphones & audio effects – Headphone remote buttons – Control volume level.
  4. Selfie stick bends during use: If you are using heavy phone make sure to buy good quality selfie stick for use. Slight bending of selfie stick is unavoidable do not worry for that.
  5. Selfie stick does not work with my phone: Some phones require camera apps like ‘selfistick camera’ ‘woofie camera’ or ‘camera 360’ for taking photos.These apps can be downloaded free from goodle play store.

Camera Apps to use with selfie stciks

There are hundreds of camera apps available on play store for taking wonderful selfies. Here we will list few apps required to use if your regular smartphone camera app is not working properly with selfie stick.

  1. Camera 360 – This is good app to use with selfie sticks. It has lot of effects for taking photos, but only drawback is large size.
  2. Selfishop camera – Its a lightweight app fro taking photos with mobile phone if you camera does not work with its camera app.
  3. Woofie Camera – If above camera apps does not work, then this camera app may help you to take photos.

Desirable Features of Selfie stick

Here are few features a selfie stick must have for easy and user friendly use.

  1. Compact & Pocket sized – Selfie stick must be compact, so that its easy to carry during travel and to special occasions like parties and functions. Now a days its trend to have pocket sized selfie sticks which can be put in pocket or purse.
  2. Light Weight – Selfie stick should be light weight so that its to carry and hand does not get tires during its use.
  3. Good built quality – Selfie stick should be made of good quality so that your expensive phone is safe during taking selfies.

How to take Perfect selfie?

Here are few tips for taking great selfies with selfie sticks.

  1. Extend selfie stick to appropriate length: Make sure whole of your gang is included in selfie by extending selfie stick to required length.
  2. Good lightening: Proper lightening is very essential for good selfie. You can make use of selfie flash, which is available in market.
  3. Good pose: Make a good pose for taking perfect selfie.
  4. Background: If you are traveling or on trip make sure to take background to take a memorable selfie.
  5. Be aware of photo bombs: Have a proper look around to get rid of any photo bombs.

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